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About True Environmental

About Us

True Environmental is building a diversified environmental services organization with a reach that spans the United States. We combine the resources of a large firm with the resourcefulness of a small team, bringing experience and agility to all of our projects. Our mission is to build more sustainable and resilient environments because it benefits everyone: from our clients to their customers to the communities we serve.

True Environmental - Environmental Consulting and Engineering

About the Platform

True Environmental is a platform for environmental consulting and engineering companies. We aim to achieve great results for our clients by expanding this platform and its capabilities. Here’s how we accomplish that:

Environmental planning and engineering consulting services by True Environmental

Engineered Solutions to Complex Environmental Challenges

Environmental and engineering services by True Environmental
Beautiful community park in the city - sustainable environments by True Environmental

Our Mission

At True Environmental, we work with you to tackle challenges head-on, deliver innovative solutions, and achieve value-engineered outcomes. Learn about more our mission to help the world build more sustainable environments.

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Our Vision for Success

In pursuit of our business growth goals, we partner with environmental firms that specialize in consulting, testing, inspection, certification, and remediation. Find out how our vision for success drives us.

About True Environmental - Environmental and Engineering consulting

Why We’re Different

True Environmental is a growth-oriented environmental consulting and engineering firm pursuing strategic partnerships and acquisitions. But we’re different from other M&A firms you might have worked with in the past. Learn more about why we’re different.

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Our Team

In the environmental industry, you’re only as good as your team, and at True Environmental, we believe that starts with excellence at the top. Meet our leadership team here.

Environmental consultation services by True Environmental

What We Offer

True Environmental is a growth-oriented environmental consultation and engineering firm. We’re motivated to expand our nationwide capabilities by partnering with like-minded engineering and science professionals. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best solutions to our clients and improve every community and environment we touch.

Learn more about why we’re different than other M&A companies.

About Us

True Environmental ("True") is developing a varied environmental services organization with a concentration on consulting and engineering, water and wastewater management, testing and analytical services, along with value-added remediation solutions.

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