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Vision for Success

Our vision for success is shared with every party we come in contact with – from our partners to our clients to the communities we serve. In pursuit of our business growth goals, we partner with environmental firms that specialize in consulting, testing, inspection, certification, and remediation. With decades of experience in the environmental industry, we’re able to leverage our resources and capabilities and help companies harness their full potential.

True Environmental was formed by Halle Capital with a philosophy of calculated risk tolerance and strategic expansion in high-growth markets.

Manage the Risk Model

With an aggressive pursuit culture tempered by operational discipline and performance, we embrace risk that we can manage and control; otherwise, we do not accept it.

Management Perseverance

Acquire quality companies with unique clients, offerings, and resources and a great management team interested in continuing with the business.

Equity Participation

Incentive management and previous ownership through equity participation.

Quality & Safety

True Environmental takes quality and safety seriously in all aspects of business operations and growth. We are highly selective in terms of any projects we take on, clients we work with, and companies we acquire. We also foster a culture of safety with our “Zero Harm” policy.

High-Growth Markets

We aggressively pursue opportunities in high-growth markets where we are uniquely positioned. These markets include:

  • Coastal resiliency
  • Green infrastructure
  • Renewable energy
  • Clean water
  • Restoration.
  • Infrastructure
  • Federal

Culture of Openness

We foster a culture of openness and collaboration with our clients and partners. With every merger and acquisition, we encourage the uniquely positive elements of the previous company’s culture to thrive. We believe that great ideas are a byproduct of different viewpoints merging through effective communication.

Evolving Growth Strategies

We’re in the business of improving resiliency, and that goes for our company too. Growth strategies are constantly changing, and we strive to be one step ahead based on underlying strengths and market drivers.

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Vision for Success

True Environmental ("True") is developing a varied environmental services organization with a concentration on consulting and engineering, water and wastewater management, testing and analytical services, along with value-added remediation solutions.